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This format is required for your application. (Copy and paste questions and answer them)
If this format is not within your application it will be denied.

IGN and prefered name if needed-

Discord- Age (We ask for at least ages 15 or +) -

How long have you been with the community -

Have you been punished for any actions on the server (EX. muted in discord / EX. Warned In-game) -

Do you like talking to people in voice chat? (Host are required to speak if they are hosting a discord event like an open mic night) -

Are you able to maintain control over a group of people?-

Are you able to be a fair judge in the likely event that you may be judging as well as hosting?-

How active can you be? (Estimate on a typical 7 day week) -

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5 months ago

DENIED (It's a 3d tempban.Just wait out your punishment.)
6 months ago

Minecraft IGN: warmen

Discord Name: warmen #2509

Describe the Incident (As Much Detail as Possible): Banned for using x-ray

When were you banned?: 10/09/2018 at 23:30

If known, who banned you?: Corbex

Why Should be unban you?:    Good evening staff,

I’m warmen (on Discord warmen#2509) and I got banned today (10/09/2018 at 23:30) by Corbex for using x-ray . I admit that I used it and I know it was wrong. I promise to never use it again cause now I see that I will have to miss playing on the server I like a lot. I’m an honest person cause yesterday I reported the bug for rank up from the moment that I saw it. Could you please unban me for this first and last mistake I did. It won’t happen again.
Thanks for listening.
9 months ago

8 months ago


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