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Name or nickname- Vic (alkyha)
Age (We ask for at least 15 or older)- 16, 17 in june
Time zone- EST
How long have you been playing Minecraft?- About 7 years.
How active can you be on the server? (Give an estimate of a normal week)- Around 10-20+ hours a week depending on school, etc.
How long have you been with the community?- I'm not 100% positive  exactly how many, but a few months.
Have you been punished for any actions on the server? (Ex. Muted in discord / Warned in-game)- I've had one warning for griefing crops (I didn't realize it was against the rules.)
Do you have any past experience as staff on any server?- I was a helper in my friend's server at one point but it was never too popular.
Do you like talking to people in voice chat?- Due to personal reasons I prefer not to (If asked I'll tell over private messaging the reasoning why) but I would be able to for a few hours on week days if needed.
What makes your application better than anyone else?- I have a lot of experience playing Minecraft and am more skilled at everything (except pvp rip)  than the average player. I have an almost clean record on this server minus one mistake and plan to keep that as my only offense.
Why should we accept you?- I should be accepted because of my loyalty to this server and my dedication to the community. I try to be friendly to everyone and do my best to be as helpful as I possibly can. Additionally, I would be of use in situations that require settling arguments, clearing up misunderstandings, and answering questions regarding rules and plugins, both of which I've reread and looked into upon my interest in being a helper.
Any other final statements?- To be accepted as a helper would be a big accomplisment of mine. This isn't meant to be a sob story or any sort of guilt trip, as I strongly dislike those kinds of things, but as an autistic person, it's hard to be taken seriously and seen as a worthy member of any community. I don't want to be accepted because of something like that, of course, because then that wouldn't be an accomplishment at all. I just feel like this information would show just how big it would be for me to get accepted as a helper due to my own skills and place in this community.

Can you speak any languages other than English? (optional)- I can speak french and basic spanish.

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